Natural Colors Hair Color Dark Mohagani 4M


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Natural Colors is a permanent hair dye with organic content certification.
While dyeing your hair, it also helps your hair strengthen and protect from the inside out.
It has a unique formula consisting of natural extracts with organic content prepared with fruits and herbs.
Natural Colors does not contain ammonia and does not cause respiratory ailments.
Natural Colors do not contain resorcinol, which are color pigments derived from petrochemical oils.
Provides more vivid and shiny results in your hair.
· It perfectly covers the whites in your hair.
It helps to maintain the moisture and protein balance of the hair with its E and C vitamins.
· Thanks to its low pH value, it ensures that the flake layer on the hair is better closed and the new color remains on the hair longer.
· It is friendly to the skin. It does not cause irritation and itching on the skin.
It is more reliable for allergic and sensitive skin.
· While dyeing the hair, it provides color change by protecting the inside of the hair and the skin.
Natural Colors has a pleasant scent, not ammonia, thanks to its aroma coming from fruit extracts.

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