Long Sleeve Hijab Navy Blue Swimsuit


  • USD: 67.79$

5 Piece Hijab Covered Swimsuit

The upper part is cycling collar. There is a Stretching Allowance. It consists of two colored parts.
The waist of the trousers is elastic. It has plenty of legs.
The bone is rubber. It has colored pieces.
Underwire Bra.
Solid color neck collar.



User’s manual

In order to use your product for a longer time, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points.

Do not keep your swimsuit wet in a closed plastic bag.

Fluorescent colors fade faster than other colors with the effect of sunlight, pool chlorine and sea salt. This result is natural.

Do not keep multiple colors together wet. Dry your swimsuit in the shade and on the contrary, not in direct sunlight.

It is known that chlorine used to provide hygiene in pools damages swimwear fabric. (Stretching – Fast fading)
Wash your bathing suit by hand after each use with white soap and warm water.

Do not wash your swimsuit in the washing machine with hot water, as the waterproof and water repellency will lose its non-sticking properties.

Do not use detergent bleach and other bleaching agents.

All fabrics become piled as a result of friction. Therefore, protect your swimsuit from surface contact and the surfaces where it can be worn.

Additional information


Black, Blue, dark blue


48, 50, 52, 54


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