Seamless Model Navy Blue Bonnet


  • USD: 13.77$

Product Information

Width: 31 cm
Length: 26 cm



Seamless model bonnet will keep you comfortable all day without slipping off your head. The seamless bonnet is dark blue. This bonnet, which you can use comfortably in all seasons, is very comfortable and useful. It will take its place among the accessories that you cannot give up all day long without disturbing you while you are in your head. Thanks to its natural fabric, it has a soft structure and at the same time, the bone has a breathable structure. During the shooting, a knob clasp was used. It offers you many options with other color alternatives.

Fabric Information

100% Cotton

Content and Washing

Wash the bonnet at 30 degrees, without waiting, quickly, without rubbing. And the suspension tightening, just flapping, iron the damp reverse.

Additional information


Black, caramel, dark blue, White


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